Welcome friends – I’m glad you’re here and want to be your 2023/24 wedding photographer.

‘Pixels, Albums & Engagement’ $3,600

04 weeks for delivery; 10″x10″ album; two  8.5″x8.5″ albums; & an engagement session 

Oh yeah – Get all the things, ASAP!

‘Pixels Please’ $2,600

06 weeks for delivery

You don’t mind waiting a little longer for retouched photographs and enjoy the process of making your own book.

‘Pixels & an Album’ $3,000

05 weeks for delivery & 10″x10″ album 

Sooner is better and you’d like something physical to hold without spending your own time to craft it.

Ways I show, ‘I care about my couples’:

Ten weddings are scheduled a year, max., and no more than two in one month. (You’re not just another couple – I’m available to serve you.)

Packages are based on time for delivery, not hours photographing. (When I’m with you, I’m with you.)

Face-to-face time is a pre-wedding priority. (I want to know you and how to best serve you.)

Near or far, venue scouting is necessary. (…and time well spent.)

The rehearsal (dinner) is essential. (Meeting your families early puts them at ease for photos, later.)

Photoshop is worth the time. (A little tlc makes a big impact.)


Interviewing photographers, ask them:

What do you find to be the most difficult aspects of wedding photography?

Can you tell us about a learning moment while photographing a wedding?

Tell us about something that went off-script and how you adapted?

Describe your ideal wedding clients.

How do you deal with poor venue lighting?

What are your best practices to capture and protect our photos?

What are your recommendations to get the best ceremony photos possible?

Can we see full sets of wedding photos?

Describe your culling and processing practices.

Can we see how the retouching is going?

Describe your contract and payment processes.

What aspects of photography are you learning/experimenting with, now?

Critique their portfolios:

Are they are showing you portraits (staged and repeatable) or wedding photos (can’t-be-missed-only-happen-once moments)?

Is there a spectrum of the darkest interiors to outdoors at peak sun – where does your venue fit?

Are all the big-moments well composed and well timed: first look, wedding processional; vows; kiss; cake cutting; first dance; toasts?

Are spontaneous moments captured: laughs, gestures, funny looks?

Among the couples, is there a variety or races, orientations, ages and body types?

Do you see care taken in the family portraits?

Will you like the color tones used, in ten years?

Are there surprising or unconventional photos?

Do you see an effort to photograph every guest?

Your photographer wants to know:

The date and location(s);

The itinerary of the whole day;

The size of the wedding party and the number of guests;

The ceremony timing and choreography;

Family portraits list (and family dynamics to be considered);

Personal elements you want to give extra photo attention;

Any special requests;

And, your comfort levels in front of the camera.

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